They don’t slow down

One of the stories in life that never gets old is that of a mother’s love for her child. Even though we’ve heard different versions of it in almost every situation, a mother’s mixed emotions about her child growing up too soon is something that makes us smile each time.

In this page, the author writes of how her son, born in 2004, has quickly grown from a baby she carries around to an energetic preschooler. The blog post was written on his registration day in kindergarten. It’s an emotional moment for her, and she tells the readers of the day he was born, and how worried she was about having a male child.

Parenting would never be easy, but most parents would say it’s the most rewarding job in the world. The author writes of how lucky she is that even though her son seemed to mature pretty quickly, he still remains to be the sweet baby that holds her hand and cuddles in her lap.

The pictures she posted of the adorable child are enough to make your heart melt. Time indeed flies fast, and you can see that her baby boy has become a cute toddler. We can only imagine what she’ll write when he starts college.