Barnnmaven.com is an older website owned by an author who blogged about her life.

The author was a very busy woman. Shifting roles as a mother, wife, career woman, and blogging. She is very fond of riding horse but found it impossible with the many responsibilities at hand. On a lighter note, the author mentioned that whenever there is a chance to ride a horse, that moment is all the more special.

The author made Barnmaven.com as way of rediscovering one’s self amidst the many trials of life. At the time, the author was having some difficult moments in life and found blogging as an outlet to express all that was going on her life.

One time, the author published about their child getting into trouble. The post got viral over the internet which received a lot of comments. Not all comments were nice but the negative comments didn’t bother the author anyway. The thing that disturbed the author the most was one user tracked the author’s profile, which is a little creepy.

Speaking more about the author. The author lived in south central Washington State and worked as a manager in a wine company in the US. Furthermore, the author mentioned that she may not live a perfect life but is content with life and enjoying every moment of it.

The author also stated that blogging is not her means of livelihood. She did not accept free products, or beg for any free items. She simply described blogging as fun. The author of Barnmaven.com was a very opinionated person hence uses blogging as the medium of choice of expressing her own opinions and views. She readily welcomed any comments or suggestions and even comments and suggestions that are against her views.

While she wrote on this website, people seemed to gravitate toward her writings. She will be missed but hopefully will come back soon!