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To Barnmaven

The author of used this page as way of expressing opinions and points of views about current events and the author’s daily experiences in life. Balancing the roles as woman, a mother and having a career.

She wrote many things. For instance, one of her blog entries was about the challenges of raising a child with autism and she related to us how her child got suspended in school for being bad enough to be asked to take the day off.

Later that day, she then shared how they had to give up their dog to protect their family and other’s family.

But despite the many sad and unfortunate events that had happened she also shared how they took a break that they really needed.

In that article the other relates that all these circumstances are all part of life. Sometimes its happy or sad, fear or luck. Life must go on.

I really respect Barnmaven a lot, not only because she wrote this beautiful blog but also because she had the guts to be real about who she was and who her family was.

Another time she wrote about having truths to share with us, the audience, but wasn’t able to because they weren’t really her truths. They belonged to others and she just happened to be a part of the experience.

Isn’t that the truth? Many times we have our own experiences we have been a part of that we want to either talk about to get off our chest, or want to share to help out others. But we are unable to do so because these stories and their truths, we do not own them. They belong to others and we can’t rightfully share them.

However, I think that puts a big emphasis on owning our own truths and realizing the opportunity we have to share them when they are our own. Many times we look at tough experiences as a burden and not a gift. When looked at in this light, we start to see that those burdens we use to carry (and may still) are actually a great tool for sharing our own truths and possible setting others free.

The Barnmaven was one sharp lady.

She was also very funny.

One day she wrote about the inspiration that God gives us all and mentioned that, just maybe, God inspired mark Zuckerburg to create Facebook. But then she wrote, just in case, if He didn’t, not to read this rest of the article.

She was also very deep.

One blog recounts an encounter with her friend where he was reverse discriminating against Christians and it seemed to really bother her. I must agree with her on this point.

Many times the people who get discriminated against discriminate against others as well. It’s tough to tell these people to stop, considering they are receiving the rough end of the situation. However, it’s important to note that when we discriminate, or hate, we allow the other person or party to control us. Any time someone is able to bring up those feelings or actions inside of us, we are no longer in control and they are.

I think if most people knew that, they wouldn’t allow the very people that they seemingly despise to control them. They would act out of their own volition so as not to be controlled and I think that there, they would find a way to move on past the hurt and pain that the person or party caused.

Reading over Barnmaven, I really loved what she shared. Hopefully, she will come back to the internet very soon!